CHEF & SOMMELIER SERIES Theme – South America June 13, 2017


The Creators


Kirk Weiss, Edgar Vela & Matt Vick

Cocktail Engineer 

Nick Attard

Service Team 

Samantha Kilbourne & Kirsten MacLennan


Andrew Ross

Cocktail Hour

Nick Attard hosting the cocktail tastings.


White wine

Crios Torrontes, Argentina – available at LCBO


Aguardiente, Columbia – sugar cane, then infused with lime, herbs & spices

Red wine

Carelli  34 Cabernet  Sauvignon, Argentina, Terrapura Cabernet Sauvignon, Chile

Dinner Pairings

Zuccardi Torrontes, Argentina

Empanada Pino (“open” empanados) – golden raisins, poached egg, diced potato, green olives topped with cream fraiche.


 Septima Malbec, Argentina

Anticucho – beef heart, marinated, on a skewer with chipotle parsley butter & frisee for garnish.

Ben Marco Malbec, Argentina    and     Emiliana Coyam, Chile

Beef steak and Chorizo with a rosemary mint reduction on a bed of Vivian Potato (ham & pineapple scallop potato).

Maycas Limari Chardonnay, Chile

Braised trout with duo-cilantro butter and Veracruz Rice (cabbage, peas & smoked bacon)

Garzon Tannat, Uruguay

Pork belly with apple & shallot marmalade fried casaba/yucca.

Digestive (digestif) & Dessert 

Fuego Naranja

Nick Attard demonstrating the making of the digestive (digestif).

Aguardiente mixed with orange juice, lime juice, orange bitters & egg whites


Maria Luisa, plum dough flan with plum, guava & stone fruit and an Algarve Meringue.

A hugely enjoyable evening!

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