Hidden Bench Pre-Release Wine Tasting Spring 2019

Proprietor Harald Thiel, winemaker, Jay Johnston, and retail manager, Meg McGrath, introduced the new wines in the Hidden Bench pre-release Wine Club event – nine wines – 4 white, 2 rosé and 3 red. Each were paired with a carefully considered and unique food offering. Sounds like the selection and creation process for the pairings was a lot of fun.

For the first weekend in May it didn’t seem much like spring – cold, wet, foggy so no sitting on the patio sipping our pretesting offering.

Served while the participants were gathering:

2017 Estate Riesling – Tasting Note

At the tasting:

Image 2019-05-06 at 5.05 PM

2017 Roman’s Block Riesling, Rosomel Vineyard  The pairing was Asian Shrimp Cakes with Housemade Satay Sauce. Roman’s Block Riesling Tasting Note

2017 Felseck Vineyard Riesling Also tasted with the Asian Shrimp Cake. Felseck Vineyard Riesling Tasting Note

The Felseck Riesling is more “together” than the Roman’s Block which still has lovely acidity. The vote in the group as to preference was split pretty evenly.

2017 Fumé Blanc, Rosomel Vineyard Asparagus and French beans with Fume Hollandaise. 2017 Fumé Blanc Rosomel Vineyard

(Opened one of these Sunday and served it with rib-end pork chops and asparagus – delicious).

2017 Estate Chardonnay Crispy Potato Cake (nod to Meg’s Australian roots). Estate Chardonnay Tasting Note

2018 Locust Lane Rosé Cured Salmon Gravlax with Preserved Lemon Ricotta. Locust Lane Rosé Tasting Note

2018 Nocturn Rosé Goose Liver Paté on a Salt and Pepper Crostini. Not included in any of the Club allocations but available now.

2016 Rosomel Vineyard Pinot Noir Hardwood Smoked Pork Shoulder with Cherry Merlot Glaze. This wine was rated 93 by David Lawrason of WineAlign. See his review here WineAlign

2016 Felseck Vineyard Pinot Noir Same as the Rosomel – smoked pork shoulder. Felseck Vineyard Pinot Noir Tasting Note

2015 La Brunante Slow and Low Sticky Beef Brisket. Great food pairing. This wine was rated 95 by David Lawrason of WineAlign. See his review here WineAlign

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