Chef’s Table

May 19.

Another opportunity to enjoy eclectic cuisine and sip on paired wines. Chef Kyle came up with a very creative A, B, C and D menu. Take note of the starting letter of most of the words describing each course.

Chef Kyle indicated that the next Chef’s Table will be in July.

Housemade bread

With Canadian Sea Salted Butter (with a seasonal addition of ramps – wild leeks that are available only for a couple of weeks in the spring – grabbed up quickly by those in the know)

Amuse – Bouche “A

asparagus arancini, avocado aioli, arugula almond pesto

Wine Pairing

Orchidess ‘Cover des Terroirs’ – Sauvignon Blanc, France

Starter “B

Beet borscht with bannock breadcrumb, bacon, balsamic jam and basil sprouts

Wine Pairing

DeLoach California Pinot Noir, United States

Main “C

Cornish hen, crispy cheddar cheese curd corn polenta cake, caramelized cider cabbage, carrot chive chutney with chili vinaigrette and celery leaves

Wine Pairing

Ogier ‘Heritage’ Cotes du Rhone, France

Dessert “D

Date pudding donut with dark chocolate ganache and dulce de leche


Whiskey cinnamon coffee cocktail


Nova 7 Sparkling Rose, Benjamin Bridge, Nova Scotia

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