Mussels for Lunch

We had a conversation with Kirk a few weeks back as to why mussels and oysters and lobster were not on the menu specials. Well, it was a very good answer. “We order it and the member demand just isn’t there. These products have no shelf life so they get thrown away – costly.” Agreed but what if we make a reservation and order them. “Absolutely.” Done deal – we ordered mussels for lunch and booked a date.


Chanel prepared our PEI mussels with a broth of sambal (southeast Asian hot sauce), garlic, white wine, red onions, parsley and salt and pepper. Accompanied by garlic toasts.

We chose the Franschoek Chenin Blanc off the wine list to complement the dish. Nick Attard suggested that a Pinot Grigio would also have been a good pairing and apparently also a sauvignon blanc would have been an option.

So, remember, with a little notice the RiverBend culinary staff can add some variety to your menu options.

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  1. Good to know. We don’t remember to take advantage of their willingness to do those special requests.

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