Moyer Special Dinner March 23

I (surprisingly) got a February 5 date for hip replacement surgery. So my birthday celebration, February 6, and Valentine’s Day were put on hold. We worked with Andrew Ross and Chef Kirk to arrange the makeup and to celebrate the successful surgery.

For that event we dug into the wine cellar and retrieved a 1990 Tenuta San Guido Sassicaia Vino da Tavola. It had been in our cellar for 25 years, surviving our move to London. We took a deep breath and handed it over to Andrew for decanting, tasting and serving. Actually Nick, Andrew, Chanel and others in the kitchen had a little taste. Consensus was that it was AMAZING.

Andrew and SassicaiaWeb

There had to be appropriate food to accompany such decadence. Chef proposed a pork shank braise that he had tried in Montreal a few weeks earlier. He also created a special appetizer plate – a concoction, including salmon and shrimp, wrapped in phyllo pastry and served with a sour cream, yoghurt herb sauce. For extra enjoyment a pot of his special chicken pate with garlic toasts.

Chanel and Edgar delivered a beautifully seared and braised pork shank, flavoured with maple syrup and including crackle.

To finish the meal Chanel’s cherries jubilee.


Thank you to all who made this such a special evening including the delivery of a yellow and a red rose from Burke Flowers that appeared on the table.

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