CHEF & SOMMELIER SERIES on July 25, 2017 – Destination Canada

The Creators


Andrew Ross and Nicolas Attard


Kirk Weiss, Chanel Gulych, Edgar Vela, Matt Vick and Mark McCormick


Natalie Blain

Cocktail Hour

Nick Attard hosting the pre-dinner wine tastings.

“Orange” wine            Southbrook Vidal

Gamay Noir                Malivoire, VQA Beamsville Bench

Cabernet Franc           Featherstone, VQA Niagara Peninsula

Dinner and Dessert

Lobster Bib Salad (Kirk)

Bib lettuce with lobster (poached in citrus and chardonnay with buttermilk dressing, garnished with salmon roe and dill)

Rosé – Featherstone, VQA Niagara Peninsula (Cabernet Franc grape – red peppers on the nose – very dry)

Classic Tourtiere (Mark)

Ground pork, rich pastry, cherry compote.

Pinot NoirOak Bay, VQA Okanagan Valley

Blackened Arctic Char (Matt)

Char blackened with spice blend, served with barley risotto (shaved thistle) and finished with a fish reduction flavoured with caraway.

ChardonnayClosson Chasse, VQA Prince Edward County

ChardonnaySouthbrook Poetica, VQA Four Mile Bench

Seared Bison (Edgar)

Alberta bison tenderloin served with sautéed wild rice and squash, flavoured with oregano, basil and caramelized onion.

Syrah – Burrowing Owl, VQA Okanagan Valley

Cuvee Red – Malivoire, VQA Niagara Peninsula

Butter seared Crab (Chanel)

Vermicelli noodles fried, soft shell crab, kelp beurre blanc, chili oil drizzled on the plate

Chenin Blanc – Quail’s Gate, VQA Okanagan Valley

Mac & Blue Pancakes (Kirk)

Pancakes with blueberries, maple syrup and cream (Galliano liquor), Strathroy apples

Chardonnay Fortified – Southbrook Whimsy, VQA Niagara (2002 grapes, fortified with “neutral” grain spirit – natural aging – bottled in 2013 and 2 years in bottle before release)

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