Chef’s Showcase November 30 2021

Unlike most of the events captured in this blog the primary focus of this occasion was showcasing the food. Wine pairings recommendations were provided.

The Host

Shawn Greco welcoming the diners. Copies of the menu and the recommended wine pairings were on the tables. It was a u-shaped arrangement allowing for better profiling of the presenters (as can be seen reflected in the window). All of the menu offerings could be/were offered gluten free.

Wine pairings were optional and all wines offered are available.

Introducing Mandy Peters

We were hosted in the dining room as noted. Residents came out to sip some wines and experience a 4 course dinner created by First Cook, Mandy Peters. 

Mandy has been working at Riverbend on and off for the past two years and, after studying culinary at Georgian College, is completing her apprenticeship with guidance from her mentor, Chef Kirk.

The menu was created based on a book called, “100 Foods to Stay Young”. Each course featured 2 ingredients from the book, and the health benefits were described after each course.  Wasabi,  fennel, lamb, spinach, and blueberries, were just a few of the featured healthy items showcased at the dinner.

Mandy is looking forward to sharing more of her culinary skills and nutrition knowledge with us in the future.

And thanks to the F&B team for their attentive service.

Chef’s Showcase

First Course – Sea Scallops

Pan seared on a bed of spring pea and wasabi puree with toasted almonds.

Wine Pairing – Cedar Rock Chardonnay 2016

Second Course – Squash Spirals

Noodle nests with a fennel infused cream sauce garnished with a julienne of crisp must apples.

Wine Pairing – Bougrier Vouvray Chenin Blanc, 2018

Third Course – Lamb Loin

Oven roasted crusted lamb loin on wilted spinach and pine nuts, tri-coloured mini hasselback potatoes and finished with a glaze de viand.

Wine pairing

Terranoble Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016


Colognole Chianti Ruffino 2016

Fourth Course – Deconstructed Blueberry Pie

Blueberry mousse with ini white chocolate truffles and honey streusel, garnished with honey poached candied blueberries.

Wine Pairing – Campbell Rugherglen Muscat

2 thoughts on “Chef’s Showcase November 30 2021”

  1. And what a wonderful evening it was, both the food and the camaraderie around the table. Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. We enjoyed the evening. My only comments are that the lamb that we received was cooked medium well. We enjoy rare. Also the cold scallops were a disappointment compared to the previous scallops at the wine and dine the month earlier.
    Again We enjoyed the evening and my comments are meant to be constructive.

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